Web Browsing with Mozilla Firefox and JAWS

Jump to the address bar: alt+d

Move by heading: h

Open new tab: control + t

Move by button: b

Move by edit field: e

Move by checkbox: x

Move by radio button: a

Open a list of links on the page: insert+f7

Move by table: t

Move by link: k

Move by list: l

Move by visited link: v

Open the downloads library in a new window: ctrl+j

Keyword search a web page: ctrl+f

Place cursor in text field: enter/space 

Move through search results: The titles of all search results are headings. Press h to scroll through them. Once on a heading, down arrow to see the URL.

Gmail with JAWS and NVDA (Hotkeys)

*These keystrokes only work under the following conditions:

• Gmail.com is open in Mozilla Firefox

• -Gmail is set to basic HTML view, (enable this using the link near the top of the gmail webpage)

• Keystrokes are enabled under Gmail’s accessibility settings

Open inbox: alt+shift+i

Jump to message list: The gmail inbox is a table. Press t to move to the table, then use tab or the arrows to move through the messages.

Open email: Press enter on the email’s subject. Then, press ctrl+end to jump to the bottom of the page followed by shift+h to move to the previous heading. This will announce the sender of the email. Use down arrow to scroll to the contents of the message.

Reply to email: alt+shift+r

Reply all: alt+shift+a

Compose email: alt+shift+c. use tab to move through text fields.

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