Music Resources

On this page, you will find videos for music teachers, resources for transcribing print music into braille, and materials for learning braille music. 

Videos for Music Teachers

Methods for Teaching Blind Musicians

Tips for Band Directors with Blind Students

Transcribing Braille Music 

Dancing Dots — braille music notation software that requires the purchase of three computer programs

BrailleMUSE — free online software for converting music xml files to digital braille music 

  • Upload a .xml file from any music notation software (Finale, Noteflight, Sibelius, etc.)
  • File can be read on braille notetaker (paperless)
  • using-braillemuse.docx (provided by Kate Haling)

GOODFEEL Transcription Service — send in paper music or a music XML file and have it transcribed into braille 

NLS Music Services — has braille music and audio materials available to blind students for free

Learning Braille Music

An Introduction to Music for the Blind Student by Richard Taesch (published by Dancing Dots)  

Stay tuned for instructional videos on the Challenge Solutions YouTube channel.

More Resources 

Dancing Dots Products and Services 

Music Education Network for the Visually Impaired 

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