School Tips for the Blind: Assignment Insurance is Important

In this episode of the Challenge Solutions Podcast, Caitlyn, Cole, and Macy share tips for surviving school, studying effectively, writing papers, giving presentations, and passing exams. If you enjoy this episode, please consider sharing it with others and rating it on Apple Podcasts so that more people can find us. As always, please share yourContinue reading “School Tips for the Blind: Assignment Insurance is Important”

College Research Tips for Blind Students

In this video, Macy provides tips for researching colleges. Below, you will find a worksheet that will help you keep track of important information about the colleges you are interested in. College Research Worksheet College/university: City: Average tuition: (if out of state for Arkansas students) Location: Distance from home: Public transportation: City/campus layout: Friends/relatives inContinue reading “College Research Tips for Blind Students”