Socializing with the Sightlings

In this podcast, Caitlyn, Cole, and Macy talk about socializing at school and in public, as well as their strategies for dealing with unsolicited help. 

Published by Challenge Solutions

Challenge Solutions is created by blind students for blind students and their teachers. Our mission is to provide lessons about life and technology for the blind and visually impaired via our podcast, YouTube channel, and blog.

2 thoughts on “Socializing with the Sightlings

  1. Hello I have heard Macey’s Youtube video on the I-pad Pro and Magic Keyboard. It was great! Well done! Do you have podcasts that actually go through using things like Safari? Please? I have been a braille notetaker user and am trying to move into the 21st century and into the 20’s of the 2000’s but am really struggling to get my head around much of this! Can you help with some beginners type podcasts? Do you offer phone support? Hope to hear from you soon! Cheers Peter

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    1. Hello,

      Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, we will have a YouTube video on using Safari with Voiceover going up in the next several weeks, as well as tutorials on other apps like Voice Dream Reader. We have a Zoom Room that we use for one-on-one training if you would like information beyond what we cover in the video. There are already videos covering the basics of using Voiceover on our YouTube channel if those would be helpful, (some of them briefly cover aspects of Safari). Applevis is another excellent resource for learning to use Apple devices, so it might be worth seeing if they have tutorials on Safari in podcast or blog post form. I will respond to your contact email with more information and a direct link to Applevis. 🙂



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