Submitting Assignments in Google Classroom for iOs

 In this video, Macy gives a tutorial on submitting assignments in Google Classroom for iOs and describes the various options for assignment submission. The following post lists the options for submitting in Classroom and when to use each.

Drive: This option allows you to submit files from your Google Drive. You can submit any file type in this way, as long as you have uploaded it to Drive.

Link: This opens a textfield where you can paste any URL.

File: This allows you to select from the Files app on your device. It is very important that you are familiar with your file hierarchy and know where your document is saved because Files typically opens within a folder that you use often.

Pick Photo: This allows you to select photos from your device’s camera roll. Blind students may need help with this as pictures are not labeled.

Use Camera: This opens the camera on your device and allows you to take pictures and videos to attach to your assignment.

New Doc: This option will automatically launch the Google Docs app. It will place you in a document that is already named and attached to your assignment. When you turn the assignment in, the document will be automatically shared with your teacher. The new Slide and new Sheet options work in the same way.

New PDF: This opens a virtual canvas where students can draw on the screens of their devices. It is completely inaccessible for blind students.

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