MLA 8 Formatting Keystrokes

1. Type your name, class, instructor’s name, and due date on separate lines.

2. Press ctrl+e to center the text.

3. Type the title.

4. Press enter to go to the next line and ctrl+l to left-align the text.

5. Type the rest of the paper. Press ctrl+a to select all of the text and ctrl+2 to double space.

6. Press ctrl+a again to select all. Press alt to open the ribbon. Tab to the font group. Once in the font list, press t to jump to Times New Roman. Then, tab to font size and use the arrows to set it to 12 pts.

7. Press enter to apply the formatting.

8. Press ctrl + end to move to the bottom of the file and ctrl + enter to insert a new page.

9. Use a citation creation tool like to create your bibliography.

10. Copy the bibliography from the website to the last page, and save the file.

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