Web Browsing with Mozilla Firefox and JAWS

Jump to the address bar: alt+d

Move by heading: h

Open new tab: control + t

Move by button: b

Move by edit field: e

Move by checkbox: x

Move by radio button: a

Open a list of links on the page: insert+f7

Move by table: t

Move by link: k

Move by list: l

Move by visited link: v

Open the downloads library in a new window: ctrl+j

Keyword search a web page: ctrl+f

Place cursor in text field: enter/space 

Move through search results: The titles of all search results are headings. Press h to scroll through them. Once on a heading, down arrow to see the URL.

Published by Challenge Solutions

Challenge Solutions is created by blind students for blind students and their teachers. Our mission is to provide lessons about life and technology for the blind and visually impaired via our podcast, YouTube channel, and blog.

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