Gmail with JAWS and NVDA (Hotkeys)

*These keystrokes only work under the following conditions:

• is open in Mozilla Firefox

• -Gmail is set to basic HTML view, (enable this using the link near the top of the gmail webpage)

• Keystrokes are enabled under Gmail’s accessibility settings

Open inbox: alt+shift+i

Jump to message list: The gmail inbox is a table. Press t to move to the table, then use tab or the arrows to move through the messages.

Open email: Press enter on the email’s subject. Then, press ctrl+end to jump to the bottom of the page followed by shift+h to move to the previous heading. This will announce the sender of the email. Use down arrow to scroll to the contents of the message.

Reply to email: alt+shift+r

Reply all: alt+shift+a

Compose email: alt+shift+c. use tab to move through text fields.

Published by Challenge Solutions

Challenge Solutions is created by blind students for blind students and their teachers. Our mission is to provide lessons about life and technology for the blind and visually impaired via our podcast, YouTube channel, and blog.

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