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Hello, and welcome to Challenge Solutions. This website is created and maintained by a group of blind students for blind students and their teachers. Our mission is to provide lessons about life and technology for the blind and visually impaired via our blog, podcast, and YouTube channel. To have our latest activity around the Internet sent to your inbox, please subscribe to this blog at the bottom of the page. If you have questions for us or suggestions for future content, please reach out via the contact form in the top menu.

School Tips for the Blind: Assignment Insurance is Important

In this episode of the Challenge Solutions Podcast, Caitlyn, Cole, and Macy share tips for surviving school, studying effectively, writing papers, giving presentations, and passing exams. If you enjoy this episode, please consider sharing it with others and rating it on Apple Podcasts so that more people can find us. As always, please share your questions and suggestions for future content in the comments below.

Thank you for listening!

Cleaning Blind: Sniff, Spray, Scrub, Repeat

In this podcast, Macy, Caitlyn, and Cole share their methods for cleaning with dysfunctional eyeballs and realize they haven’t washed their windows in months.

Blindness Awareness and Advocacy: Blind People are like Unicorns

In this podcast, Caitlyn, Cole, and Macy rant about the common mis-conceptions that sightlings have about the blind community and discuss ways to be a good advocate and a responsible activist.

A Tutorial of Canvas on a Mac with VoiceOver

In this video, Macy gives a tutorial of the Canvas virtual learning system using VoiceOver for Mac. 

Methods for Teaching Blind Musicians

In this video, Macy and her band director, Kate Haling, discuss the methods and software they use to read and transcribe Braille Music, as well as other methods for learning pieces. You can also check out our new Music Resources page for a compilation of videos, instructional documents, and other resources that may be useful for blind musicians and their teachers.